Welcome to the Seattle VR Website!

Welcome to the Seattle VR community website!

In case you hadn’t noticed, virtual reality and other immersive technologies are rapidly moving into the mainstream with the potential to completely change the way we interact with computers as we work and play.

Seattle has had a long history of pioneering these technologies since the early 1990s, and with this modern renaissance, our region is increasingly recognized as a world leader in them.

Over the last year or so, we’ve seen many new companies founded here, and there’s been a flowering of groups and activities catering to many different niches both broad and narrow. As a community, we’ve managed to do this within a culture of mutual support and cooperation which is impressive to behold.

Kudos to you all.

As we’ve grown, and as more people join our circle and run their own events, it’s become harder and harder for any one person to be a part of it all, let alone keep track of it all. Similarly, as the number of voices increases, it becomes harder to hear each other and we become less like a community.

This site is a first attempt at addressing this challenge. It’s a place for all of us to tell each other about our events, to share our ideas and visions, and to promote ourselves and each other to the global community.

This first version of the site was put together based on ideas from many different people. It includes:

  • An event calendar
  • A registry of community groups
  • A list of company profiles
  • A blog

Eventually, we want to add photo galleries, a job board, and more. If you have ideas or resources that you would find really helpful, please let us know!

The most important thing to know about the site is that it belongs to everyone in the community.

We’ve built this initial version and will work to keep it up to date, but we want you to be able to use it to post your own stuff, advertise your own events, or tell people about your community. We’ve set up forms throughout the site so that you can tell us about something we need to include, and we’ll be listening on social media for your comments and ideas. If you’d like to help maintain the site or you want to add some feature to it, let us know, and we’ll be glad to have you.

Thanks for making the Seattle VR scene such a cool place to be.

— Eva & Trond

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