Announcing Ryan Boudinot, our new Editor-in-Chief!

A while back, in a fit of optimism, Eva & I set up this website to support the Seattle VR community.┬áIt was a great idea that hasn’t received the care and attention it needs to grow and become really awesome.

To that end, we’re proud to announce that Ryan Boudinot has signed on as Editor-in-Chief for the site. He’s primarily going to be responsible for the blog and news sections, and will shortly be posting a piece outlining his plans.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Ryan’s been rapidly establishing himself within the community, with articles on his blog, the Seattle Met magazine, and more. He’s also getting a Patreon ready for launch soon, as well as some other initiatives that I’m sure he’ll tell us about.

We’re still looking for folks with an interest in website design who would like to help us out. In particular, we’re looking for help keeping the calendar up to date and putting together company profiles.

If you’re interested, drop me (Trond) a line via comments here or the contact us form on the site!

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